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July 26, 2013
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PKMN-Crossing Application - Yue by HenriSkunk PKMN-Crossing Application - Yue by HenriSkunk
Application for :iconpkmn-crossing:
Sorry for my little bad English, I'm still learning it but I can already understand it well enough that I think I'm able to RP using it! (I've already did, to be honest, and it went pretty well)

If you want to roleplay with me, feel free to note me :3 I love roleplaying with people :heart:

General Info

:bulletblue:First name: Yue
:bulletblue:Last name: Quing Zao
Her first name, Yue, means "Moon" in Chinese. Her last name, Quing Zao, means "Blue".

:bulletblue:Species: #431 Glameow
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblue: Heigh: 150 cm
:bulletblue: Weight: 43 kg

:bulletblue:Birthday: August 8th
:bulletblue:Zodiac: Leo
:bulletblue:Age: 20 years

:bulletblue:Nature: Jolly
:bulletblue:Characteristic: Highly curious
:bulletblue:Catchphrase: Nya~

:bulletblue:Home town: Celestic Town

:bulletblue:History: Yue was born in quite poor family. Her mother, Glameow Mei, moved from Hong Kong to Celestic Town and met there Yue's father, Liepard Rico. They never got married, and Mei decided to give her dear little daughter Chinese name and her own last name. It was all right for Rico, and so their daughter was named as Yue Quing Zao.

Yue always saw Mei as her role model, and respected greatly her beauty and intelligence. In age of 8, Yue started to wander around in her home town, even without her mother she always spent most of her time. Yue wandered around Celestic Town, trying to discover all of its secrets. She examined the whole ruins in Celestic, spending a lot of time in there. In that age she also got interested in all kind of myths and legends, especially about Celestic town. She asked her mother if she could teach her how to read. Because their family didn't had enough money for getting their child into school, Mei acceded to her daughter's request.
When Yue had learned the skill of reading, she started to find out things about Celestic Town and its past. She borrowed many myth books from the library, reading them through over and over. Still she didn't find enough information to satisfy her thirst for knowledge.

When Yue was almost 10 years old, she started to wander farther and farther from her home town, examining the Routes around it. These days she got interested in flowers and herbs, as well as other plants. Mei noticed her daughter's interest about plants, and decided to teach her some things about every plant's and herbs' features, wishing that Yue would someday benefit her knowledge.

Next years Yue spent learning apothecary skills from her mother and the wandering herbalist, who visited Celestic Town every year, three times in a year. Then one day, when Yue was already 13 years old, something very scary happened.
Yue came back from her trip with the wandering herbalist to misty route next to Celestic Town. She opened her home's door and walked into the kitchen to see her mother and show her herbs that she had collected.. Sight in front of her made her to drop all the herbs from her paws.
Person that she faced, it definitely wasn't her mother. The corpulent, unpleasant looking, cat-like Pokémon noticed her and turned it's wide head to her direction. Yue screamed out loud and ran away totally scared.
That night she didn't return to home. She fled to ruins in the middle of Celestic Town. Yue sat on top of one collapsed pillar and buried her face in her hands. That sturdy cat Pokémon had definitely eaten her mother! She still could smell Mei in their kitchen. Yue didn't know what to do. There was only one thing that she was sure about - she would not go back to home. What if that fatty cat had eaten his father too and conquered their house? Naive little Yue, who had lived her whole life in one town without any kind of education or knowledge about world, didn't know that the corpulent, unpleasant looking cat Pokémon was really her mother, who finally has decided to evolve into Purugly.
After moment of thinking, Yue finally figured out what to do. She sneaked to her room in middle of the night and took everything she thought she should need - all her personal items and small amount of Bells she had collected doing little tasks for Celestic Town's residents. She packed all her items into small backpack and went back to the wandering herbalist, Roserade called Richard, and lied to him that she had asked her parents permission to travel with him. Richard noticed from Yue's appearance that there was no way to turn her head, so he had to accede.

Yue wandered with Richard for years. Richard taught to his new apprentice some useful skills. When Yue was 19 years old, she started to get tired of wandering from place to place. Richard told her about small town he had visited years ago. It was called Pokette Town. He told it was idyllic town full of enterprising resident. It was not too far from place they were at the moment. In Richard's opinion it was perfect place for fresh start. And to be honest, it was exactly what Yue was looking for!
Richard marked the location to his map with red marker and gave the map to Yue. Yue hugged her master and told him goodbyes. Then she headed her way to Pokette Town - brand new start.

:bulletblue:Job: Herbalist/Apothecary 
    :bulletpurple:Yue loves collecting all kind of plants and herbs. It was her number one hobby in her past, and nowadays it's her job. Yue spends multiple hours each day outside of her home, usually in forests or  meadows, collecting herbs for potions and medicines. Besides herbs, she also mixes berries to her medicines. Yue sells her products at home for few Bells. Prices of her products are quite low,  since she thinks that she's not master of her job and doesn't want to take surcharge.
:bulletblue:Hobbies: Yue loves painting. She doesn't have that many brushes, so she usually uses her tail tip to paint greater areas. She also loves collecting berries and making them to juice or jam. Sometimes she even sells them besides her medicines in her own shop. Yue also likes cooking, though her skills are really bad.


:bulletblue:Clothes and accessories: Yue is usually wearing light purple chinese-styled shirt with purple markings. On it's back there's big yin-yang mark. She also uses very dark blue silk pants. On her neck she has purple silk necklace with silver, moon-shaped pendant. On her tail she has very long purple lace tied to ribbon, with silver bell on ribbon's knot.

:bulletblue:House: Yue's house is located to arce C2 (view the Pokette Town Map for more info about the location). her house is divided into two half, her home and shop by one wall, that goes in the middle of the house. Both halves are quite small spaces.
   :bulletpurple: In her home she has small couch, dinner table, two chairs, bookshelf, and bed. Also kitchen corner is located in this this half. On her home's walls are decorated with her own small paintings about bugs and flowers, as well as with one bigger painting that shows beautiful landscape of Celestic Town.  On the wall that divides her home and shop she keeps the old, beautiful, Chinese sword.
   :bulletpurple: Yue's shop is decorated with shelves and tables full of her products; potion bottles and medicine jars. Sometimes there's also some bottles of berry juice and couple of jars full of berry jam that can also be purchased. In her shop there's also cash desk and worktable, where Yue produces her medicines and other products.
Both of the halves also has their own bathrooms, though the home-half has the house's only shower.

:bulletblue:Favourite berry: Pecha Berry and Custap Berry (though Custap Berries are so rare that she has tasted it only twice, she still likes to mention it as one of her favourite berries.)
:bulletblue:Favourite food: Deep-fried (or just fried) chicken and rice
:bulletblue:Favourite drink: Milk, berryjuice
:bulletblue:Favourite genre of music: Symphonic rock/metal
   :bulletpurple:Favourite band: Within Temptation

   :bulletgreen: Mythology and legends
   :bulletgreen: Bugs
   :bulletgreen: Sunny and warm weather
   :bulletgreen: Meadows and other places with plenty of flowers (loves going to picnic to that kind of places)
   :bulletgreen: Ruins, castles and other ancient places
   :bulletgreen: Listening to music
   :bulletgreen: Peace and peaceful days which she can spend however she wants.
   :bulletred: Water and rainy weather
   :bulletred: Fish
   :bulletred: Swamps
   :bulletred: Arguing and serious battles (she doesn't mind of having little playfights, though)

:bulletblue:Ability: Own Tempo
     :bulletpurple:Moveset: Slash, Iron Tail, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace

   :bulletyellow: Yue sometimes (usually when she's very excited) ends her sentences or just single words with "Nya". ("Ah! That was so cool-nya!")
   :bulletyellow: Yue's fur is a bit longer than normal glameow's fur. Her eyelids are also blue, while normal glameow's eyelids are pink, and hind paws are very dark grey, almost black.
   :bulletyellow: Yue's moon-shaped necklace is from her mother - she told little Yue that it will protect her from evil spirits, and Yue still believes so. She never takes it off.
   :bulletyellow: Yue has quite bad Hydrophobia (phobia of water). She can be outside in rain, but dislikes it very highly. She hates her water phobia and is decided to get over it someday, somehow.
   :bulletyellow: Yue has always wanted to meet some kind of Dragon Pokémon. She have wished for it her whole life, but hasn't ever got chance to meet one.
   :bulletyellow: Yue still thinks that her mother is missing, maybe never coming back. In Celestic Town, her evolved mother still yearns her missing daughter.
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ShhItsDark Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sade:  "Heh, looks like it's someone's birthday, love.  Happy birthday then, Yue!"
HenriSkunk Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconyuepkmnc-plz:: Thank you very much, Sade~
TamarinFrog Aug 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
:iconjennapkmnc-plz:: "Baawh! Happy birthday Yue."
HenriSkunk Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconyuepkmnc-plz::Thank you, Jenna!
chibimaker Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What a cutie~
HenriSkunk Aug 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Random question: would you like to RP with Yue? C:
chibimaker Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, sure! I've just made a new character, too, and he hasn't met anyone yet. Just gotta get an okay from the admins: I swapped him with my old PKMN-Crossing character, you see. Note me if you want, though. c8
HenriSkunk Aug 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh C: You should note me when admins accept him to the group~ Let's RP together then ^^
chibimaker Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay! I'm really excited to rp with all these new members. 8D
HenriSkunk Aug 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Same with me :3
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